The Norse colonization of the Americas began as early as the 10th century AD, when Vikings explored and settled areas of the North Atlantic, including the northeastern fringes of North America. The Vikings were equipped with the technologically superior longships. Now – it is the flock of Vikings, the Viking Geeks, who are coming to Silicon Valley searching their world domination – with superior technology offering.

A window to the Nordic startups in Silicon Valley

Viking Geeks documentary is a window to the Nordic startups in Silicon Valley. A peak to the tough work of the entrepreneurs, the high times and the low times, when they are chasing their dreams. We don’t polish and cover anything – the stories are told exactly how they are. And that’s the beauty of the documentary. Blood, sweat and tears – and laughs – about the daily life of the startups, and Silicon Valley.
Viking Geeks is NOT a reality show – it shows real business life of the real Nordic startups, and real entrepreneurs. Stories are told how they happen, and when they happen. We will follow selected companies in their Silicon Valley journeys for 6-9 months. Their everyday business lives. It is not always easy – but some of them will change the world!
We know personally most of the important startups in the Nordics – which gives us a unique opportunity to get close to them and follow their daily business operations, unlike anybody else. We also have personal experience taking companies from the Nordics to Silicon Valley and working there. In addition – we know well how the Silicon Valley ecosystem works and who are the movers and shakers in Silicon Valley.

The idea behind the documentary

– is to tell realistically the stories of Nordic startups in Silicon Valley – how it works when it works, and when it does not work, and how the entrepreneurs perform. We have startups from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and from Estonia – and we’ll follow them for 6-9 months. The Nordics is the hot spot for technology startups in the World nowadays. We have awesome game companies like Supercell and Rovio – but also many other very potential companies. The technology itself is not enough to be successful – you need to get to big markets and potential clients and partners. This is why Silicon Valley – or US in general – matters. It is in many cases the most potential and biggest market.

We want to highlight the day-to-day business challenges and opportunities to the main stream audience – and demystify Silicon Valley. We also want to show what is so called  Silicon Valley Mindset. We want to open up the myths that billion dollar exits are not just pure luck but behind those are excellent minds and the entrepreneurs work their butts off. At the moment the Nordics and the whole Europe are challenged with hard economic times. Big companies are not employing like they used to and economic gains have to come from other sources in order to keep up the society. This is why entrepreneurship matters – regardless whether we talk about startup and big companies, who will need entrepreneur minded workers or then to innovate with the startups.

Viking Geeks documentary premier will be in Fall 2016 – shown in Silicon Valley and in the Nordics (Finland, Estonia, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Denmark). It will also be entering various film festivals. In addition – we are aiming the Nordic TV broadcasting as well. Along the filming, we will have dynamic webpage and social media covering the ‘making of’ of the Viking Geeks documentary with live updates continuously.

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